The Hamlin Family | Seattle Family Photographer

Have I talked about how many great photographers there are in the Seattle area? Jessica Hamlin is no exception. I've been familiar with Jessica's name and work for years now and when I got an email from her requesting a family session I was both flattered and excited. I was newly pregnant so Jessica and I worked out a trade - I'd shoot her family if she did our newborn photos. Aren't I a lucky girl to be able to arrange such things? I am counting down the days until Jessica can photograph our baby girl, hopefully later this month if she arrives on time :) Jessica's two boys were fun, hilarious, and sweet. We played around at Discover Park, enjoying a warm day in June. It's fun for me to photograph families in Seattle in the warm sun - I know its not always typical here but when that sun is out I feel very thankful to live in such a beautiful city. While I miss my home state of California, I don't miss worrying about rattlesnakes, dry weeds that stab you through your jeans, or sessions in 105 degree heat. haha