Wedding Moments That I Love: When they see you walking down the aisle

It doesn't matter if you've done a first look or if you are seeing each other for the first time as you walk down the aisle, the excitement, tension, and emotion is the same. I'll admit that I haven't been lucky enough to photograph a man totally sobbing as his bride comes down the aisle (yes, I'd love that, haha) but even in their stoic moments you can see the love written all over their faces. Sometimes it's in the deep breath that they take the moment they see you, sometimes it's a giant smile plastered all over their face, sometimes it's how they hold back the emotion, and sometimes it's the little grin that is reserved just for you. I love it all.

They all say the same thing, "Yes, that is who I am about to marry and I love her"

And yes, I'm feeling particularly mushy today. Happy Monday :)