About the Workshop

Photographing Weddings is a 4 week online course taught by Bre on all things weddings. In this workshop we will learn about the flow of a wedding day and how to capture all of the wonderful moments that it contains, from bridal details to the reception. We will address posing, lighting, composition, and the unique challenges that weddings present. We will also go over in great detail how to start a business, finding your first clients, second shooting, marketing, and customer service. The workshop runs twice yearly.

Full Participation with Interaction and Critiques


Study Along - Materials only


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"This workshop is worth every penny. It is for anyone who shoots weddings, large or small, first or fiftieth, and it will improve your overall photography. Bre is an encouraging instructor. She tackles all the difficult situations you have encountered. She covers the gamut of what to expect and how to handle weddings from first contact to delivering the images. This is a must for anyone who shoots or is even thinking about shooting weddings."

"This is such a wonderful workshop and totally worth investing in! You don’t have to be a wedding photographer; Bre gives so much insight that can be applied to all areas and interests of photography – that’s what is so great about weddings, it uses a bit of everything. So much I learned has been applied to my second shooting game but also how I approach couples (an area that scares me). Bre’s passion is evident and she really engages with you. If you are on the fence, jump over – you won’t regret it."

"I took this workshop in the Spring to prepare for my first wedding. I can’t say enough about how great a resource this was to understanding the ins-and-outs of photographing a wedding. Bre is completely dedicated to her students and shares all her knowledge as if she’s been your friend for years! I learned so much . . . working with couples in general, working with all kinds of lighting situations, how to shoot creatively in any space, and the essentials of [any] photography business. Bre is wonderful, her down-to-earth personality and extreme talent make this an amazing workshop and powerful learning environment! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from Bre!"