Dear Bre, It has been almost 2 months since the wedding and almost everyday since I have enjoyed seeing a picture from our perfect day. Whether it be on a computer screen background, a cell phone homepage or a Facebook page the pictures you took were amazing.  I know Sayoko took some time choosing her photographer as she always does her research before making any decision. She hit a homerun when she chose you. Thank you for everything, your pictures really told the story and captured the love of our wedding day. You made everything easy and Sayoko was able to not have a care in the world and enjoy the day. Really can’t thank you enough and send a thanks to your 2nd photographer. Who knows maybe we’ll see you in the near future for some maternity pics!!!
- Josh | Wedding

Bre shot our engagement photos, and also our wedding- and I couldn’t have been happier with the services. Bre coordinated the big family group shots with ease, was sweet as can be with my grandparents, and also all of the little kiddos. She was very professional, friendly and took a ton of photos. It’s fun to watch her work, she’s creative and got shots I couldn’t even have imagined but now can’t imagine living without.
I knew I enjoyed her, but months later when my friends and family talk about our wedding the FIRST thing out of their mouths is always about the incredible photos and how great Bre was to everyone the entire night. In addition- super fast turn around time with all of the digital photos and prints and easy online photo book editing/approval process. Washington is lucky to have her, she’s wonderful. Just, wonderful.
- Kira | Wedding

I have so many wonderful things to say about Bre. I have to admit I tracked Bre down to photograph my sister’s wedding this last year and absolutely had to have her photograph my family as well. Bre is professional and so personable, but more than that she has a natural ease behind the camera that just makes the experience so much fun. She confidently posed my family, managed to get my husband and 2 year old to smile, and took some of the sweetest images of all of us playing together and laughing. She is responsible for taking one of my favorite images of my son and I, and thanks to her I will be able to remember what it is like to have my son bear-hug me when he is small enough to fit snuggly in my arms. Bre is an amazing photographer and I guarantee you will need to buy waterpoof mascara when you view your gallery. She is a pearl in a sea of photographers and I am already looking forward to our next session together!
-Anita| Family Session

Bre is the best! We worked with her for our wedding and I also used her for some boudoir shots for my husband’s wedding present. Her personality is fabulous and her work is beautiful. At our wedding, she made everyone feel so at ease and captured some unforgettable moments on our special day. Her attention to detail is such that when you look back through your photos, you get to experience the moments all over again. She captures the small things that would be easy to forget. She is great at organizing big groups and thinking on her feet. Her boudoir sessions are also amazing! She truly knows how to tastefully capture beauty in these shots. I’m not sure who likes them more, my husband or me!
-Sarah | Wedding

Dear Bre, Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures you took for our wedding! Our photographer search was rather stressful, as I’m sure you can imagine since we wanted beautiful images and didn’t have a gigantic budget. Plus, I very rarely like photos of myself and inviting a relative stranger to such a personal event was nerve-wracking. You were absolutely wonderful on all counts – we love the pictures and we loved having you at the wedding. We couldn’t have found a more perfect photographer. Thank you so much for all of the work you did, not only shooting the wedding, but also all of editing, being so gracious about fixing our ordering problem, and always being a pleasure to work with.
- Pam & Dave | Wedding

I would just say what I have been telling all my friends, DO IT. I have always seen the flaws in my body but after looking at the pictures, I finally saw myself the way I know my husband sees me. And it was good, and I’m hot! Like, really, really hot :) And also Bre, you make everyone so at ease, even people who aren’t ready to bare it all like me. And you are honest, if there’s a dimple or a roll situation, you tell it like it is and have us switch positions. We all appreciated that! But seriously I am showing EVERYONE!!!!!! I think I just rambled too much, but the bottom line is your work made me feel good about my curvy bod. And you ROCK.
- S | Boudoir

Bre is an extremely talented photographer who captured the family portraits I’ve always dreamt of having.  As a fellow photographer, I am rarely in front of the camera and have very high standards in terms of who I will hire to take our portraits. Bre made us so comfortable and I couldn’t believe how much fun we had during our session!  She is a true professional who created priceless images that I will forever treasure.  I am so grateful for these pieces of art that adorn our walls and bring smiles to our faces as we remember our summer on the beach.
-Gwen| Family Session

I had the privilege of working with Bre as the makeup artist for two of her boudoir shoots and a few of her portrait sessions. She has an amazing ability to make people feel comfortable and capture the natural beauty in everyone and everything she photographs. My favorite thing about her photos is that she has a young, artistic style, but is not trendy in a way that you will look back in 20 years and wish you had done something different. She is the perfect combination between fun, artsy photos, and timeless, traditional photos that you will love your entire life. I also hired Bre to take my own boudoir photos before my wedding and although I came into the session nervous and uncomfortable she made me feel completely at ease. I am a little self conscious (as most women are) and very shy, especially in front of a camera, but Bre made sure that none of my fears came across in my photos and I absolutely loved them! She was professional and turned my photos around very quickly! Bre is one of the most talented photographers I have ever worked with and I have recommended her to every one of my bridesmaids—three of them are hiring her for their weddings already!
- Amanda | Boudoir

Let me start by saying that I am SUPER picky when it comes to photography and finding the perfect photographer. Since I am a photographer myself I have a certain style and prefer a certain look in photos. I was searching and searching for someone to take some family pictures for me because I am always behind the camera and we just really didn’t have any good family portraits. My search was sad. I really couldn’t find anyone I loved in my area. Then one day on Facebook, Bre had written that she was going to be coming up north to the Bay Area and had some session time available! I was SO SO SO excited and wrote to her immediately. I absolutely love Bre’s work. The way she uses light is just incredible and I knew that she was exactly what I was looking for. When we got our session set up, I couldn’t have been more excited. Our photo session was so much fun. Bre is such a sweet and fun person. She was easy going and was great at directing us in what to do but also caught some amazing candid moments as well. When she sent me the link to our gallery, I absolutely just fell in love. I was so incredibly happy to have such fantastic photos of my family (with ME in them!)…they truly mean the world to me and I’ll never be able to thank Bre enough for capturing these moments for us. I am just praying she plans to come up north every year so we can get family portraits taken yearly! Her work is simply amazing and she is just as amazing! I cannot recommend Bre enough.
-Heather | Family Session

I recently had a Mommy/daughter session done with Bre and the pictures came out fantastic. She was very easy to work with and accomodating with time frames since I live a couple of hours away. We already have booked a family session with her when my husband gets home from Afghanistan. Bre made us feel comfortable and we had fun during our shoot. She also had our photos to us much quicker than most photographers would have and they were perfect. Thanks Bre!
- Nikki | Family Session

OMG Bre these boudoir photos are INCREDIBLE!!! They are insanely better than what I could have imagined. I feel like I should look at these every day for a self confidence boost! All of my insecurities are non-existant in the pictures, and I truly believe you made me look the best I could possibly look. Not only are the photos amazing, but the whole process was fun and relaxing (which I really didn’t think was possible beforehand!) I know my future husband will love these pictures, it’s just going to be so hard to hide them until the wedding. THANK YOU!!
- L | Boudoir

Bre Thurston is an amazing photographer! She captured everything we wanted our wedding day to be about. She is professional, friendly, and oh so accomodating. We would absolutely recommend her for wedding photography or photography for any other occasion!
- Claire | Wedding

(As seen on Mindy’s blog!)
My first detail of the day is going to be how amazing Bre was. When my friend (and bridesmaid) Lauren first suggested her, I was a little nervous. Newer wedding photographer, friend of a friend…you can imagine. But as soon as I checked out her website and saw some of her images, I knew this girl had a gift. Once we started emailing back and forth, it was love. After our amazing engagement session, I was totally sold. Anyway, I was so excited to have her, and as the day got closer, she got busier and I was able to see many of her gorgeous images from other weddings and sessions. Once she was finally here, she jumped in to catch every moment and detail, starting with some prep work the night before. I love that she managed to make our piles of chaos look nice.  However, I’d like to think that by the next morning, those piles of chaos actually did turn into something nice.  I was pretty specific in asking Bre to cover lots of the details that I worked so hard on (I may have had a three column list of “Pictures We’d Love to Have”).  She did an amazing job of capturing everything, as you can see on her blog.  She also captured so many of the people who helped us so much over the entire weekend.  Some of those pictures captured even more precious memories than what happened during the wedding itself. If you happen to live in the Sacramento (or I believe Riverside now?) area, please look up Bre when you need photos!  She’s wonderful!
- Mindy & Tommy | Wedding

My family has had two sessions with Bre Thurston, and we absolutely love her!  Professional and personable is how I would describe Bre.  Working with her is a pleasure from start to finish, from scheduling sessions to viewing the final product.  And her work is amazing!!  I have been so so happy with our photos and they are some of my all time favorite pictures.  We definitely plan on using Bre Thurston Photography again!
- Monica | Family Session

Bre was our photographer for our October 10th wedding in Roseville and we were VERY lucky and grateful to have found Bre! She is very sweet, talented, and overall just an amazing person and photographer. I still love visiting her blog just to see her newest photos. We love her work. Thank you, Bre!
- Stella | Wedding