I don't know about you, but my memory sometimes isn't the best. As the years pass we find our dear memories fading. That is the gift that photography gives us - the ability to freeze these moments (and thus the memories). Your child may not be a perfect angel, you may still have a few extra pounds, your wedding cake may not have turned out exactly as you planned, but that is your authentic story. When the years tick by and you're old and gray, will these things matter to you? Will they matter to your children and grandchildren? I lost my dad at the age of 59 and as we sifted through photographs I thought of all of the missed opportunities. Where was that smile that I knew and loved? Why wasn't there a photo of his rugged, strong hands anywhere? Why weren't there more photos of us together? I am not a photographer to put my artistic stamp on your session, I am a photographer to tell your story and give you the moments that I see naturally unfolding. I will do my best to tell your stories beautifully.

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The Golden Rule: Be Comfortable and Be Able to Move Around!

  • Think long, flowy dresses or skirts for the ladies, like this - Here are some great affordable sites for long skirts and dresses: Cupshe, Lulu's, Three Bird Nest, Gypsy Outfitters
  • Don't shy away from colors or patterns, as long as they don't clash with what others are wearing. Like this
  • Accessorize! Big hats, fun jewelry, and scarves are fun to photograph. Like this.
  • If you must wear heels, I highly suggest wedges. I will have you move and walk a lot.
  • Dress up a bit more than normal
  • Make sure that you can raise your arms, walk, spin, and sit comfortably
  • For the guys, blazers and nice sweaters are preferable to just a dress shirt. Like this.
  • Consider the location - light pastels for the beach and rich jewel tones for the forest. Urban shoots should feel a bit more formal than a field or beach location.

For more inspiration make sure to check out my Pinterest page which I frequently add to!



Nervous? Don't be! I promise that we will have fun and keep things relaxed and low key during your session. At no point during your session will you be left standing alone with no idea what to do. We talk and chat almost the entire time, I will play with your kids, and overall just try to get to know you. I will tell you what I want you to do but I also want you to truly RELAX and do what comes naturally - what I mean by that is: If I ask you to do something silly or awkward go ahead and laugh! You're beautiful when you laugh. If you want to play around, go for it! I love photographing movement. Do not think about how you look, period, purge that from your mind. Don't think about your hair, what your face looks like, nada. Leave it up to me to shoot the wonderful moments that I witness that you never even realize are happening.

For your family session, please don't threaten your kiddos. I totally get wanting to take away the iPad or not get ice cream afterwards, but unless I specifically ask you let me be the one to change their behavior. I am really great at finding ways to get kids to have fun in front of the camera but they won't be having fun if mommy or daddy just took away iPad privileges! My style of shooting families may feel chaotic to some but I'm getting on the kid's level. We are playing hard, being a little crazy, and that will result in wonderfully fun photos!

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Your gallery will be ready in 2-3 weeks. From the gallery you will be able to order prints, download high res files, and share with family and friends. So, are you allowed to post to social media? HECK YES! I encourage it! My best source of new business is word of mouth so I always appreciate a shout-out if you loved your photos. If you need help ordering large prints or any other products just let me know!