Extreme Makeover, baby.

I'm the first to admit that I HATE designing and organizing my photography site. I get easily frustrated and while I would love to pay someone to do it, that's not really where I want my money going (hello, new lenses??) and I like the ability to do it my way....even though my way takes 10 times as long. Okay, to be honest, if I was rolling in dough I would totally pay someone to make this place look like a million bucks. I get major blog envy when I see the creativity and fanciness oozing from the sites of fellow photographers. But yeah, not in the cards right now. ANYWAY. I hadn't touched the design of my site since I originally got it up and running. Why? Because I forgot how to do it! Yep, seriously. I forgot how to change my logo, how to upload a new header, everything. Tonight I had an "ah-ha" moment- it's on your FTP, dummy! FTPs are something that I still don't really understand. I just don't really get how they work. Tonight I spent about an hour changing things up a bit. I'm not sold, but it's better than what I had before. I hand chose the new font in my logo (the "Bre" part) from hundreds of fonts online. Why? Because it looks the most like my handwriting. No wonder why it called out to me. haha.

Now that I know how to change things, I'll probably go all blog OCD on the place for a few weeks. Jump on-board and enjoy the ride! Maybe along the way I'll be asking for your opinions and what you like/don't like ;)