Baby "M" | Folsom Newborn Session

Out of all of the types of people and events I shoot, I fully admit that newborns are my biggest challenge. That being said, the reward is worth all of the work and I left this session with the biggest smile on my face. I also said to my husband, "You know honey, having another baby wouldn't be all that hard..." haha. Baby M was an absolute doll, his parents put up with the sauna of a "studio" and allowed me to take my time with him, something I definitely knew I needed to work on. With newborns, you are on their schedule. If they don't want to sleep, well, they don't want to sleep! It took 2 bottles, lots of cuddles from all 3 of us and a bit of baby massage to get him to zonk out. Such a sleepy little love bug! We spent over 2 hours trying to get little M to sleep and go figure, our last photo of the day was upon mommy's request - him swaddled in his monkey blanket. Go figure, as soon as daddy wrapped him up (go daddy!) he shut his eyes and just SLEPT. We offered him fuzzy blankets on a beanbag, but all the little guy needed was a swaddle and a hard floor ;) It was his day...and he can sleep on the floor if he wants to! hehe. Untitled-3