Sommer & Jeff | Maternity Photos

Sommer and Jeff are getting ready to welcome their second child, a sweet baby boy, this summer. Tatum is their 4 year old daughter whom you may notice is MIA for most of the photos. Poor Sommer...she had a dress all picked out for Tatum but when it came time to get ready Tatum just wouldn't have it. If any of you have a 4 year old, you know that there are some battles that you just have to let go. I thought it was a cute story but I know how important it was to Jeff and Sommer to have her in the photos. We got a few, but we are going to hopefully go out again on a day when Tatum feels like playing dress up and instead of being my assistant, being my model! I do however want to thank little T for helping me capture a photo that I've been meaning to try for a while- the blowing of the dandelion! She may not be in her fancy dress, but she sure did become part of a beautiful photo! Jeff & Sommer - congratulations on your baby boy. Boys rock! ;)