"Your Camera Takes Nice Pictures" by Erin Farrell

I came across this awesome blog post by fellow photographer, Erin Farrell. I am rarely sensitive when it comes to photography. I don't call myself an artist (although I do aspire to be one), I proudly call myself a photographer and not an "image creator", I don't mind sharing my knowledge and never feel threatened by others who wish to learn, and I fully admit that I am evolving, have things I do wrong and things to work on. However, it does sting just a tad when someone says to me what is in the title of this post. I have hit plateaus several times in my photography journey- moments where I was so frustrated that I thought I could never improve. Times when the words of other photographers made me cry and question myself. Times when I viewed the images of some of the best photographers in the world and had that sinking feeling that I could never be as good as them. So yes, I am proud of what I can do behind the camera, and it's not just the $1300 DSLR that does it for me. Trust me, I've seen my camera take junk photos even at my own hands. Each "good" photo that I produce is something that I am proud of! If you have ever said these words to a photographer, or even to me, don't feel bad. We understand that you didn't mean anything behind it. I just wanted to share because it offered a bit of insight. Your Camera Takes Nice Pictures by Erin Farrell