Life is fun when you're one! | Riverside Children's & Family Photographer

Small world. This family moved from Roseville to the Inland Empire just a few months before I did. One of my favorite photographer friends in Northern California shot their wedding and did little Brody's newborn photos before they moved. When they emailed her and asked, on the slim chance, if she knew a photographer in the Inland Empire....wa-la! That's how they found little 'ol me! We had a great evening in downtown Riverside, near all of the cute shops off of Mission Inn. I love a good urban location and was surprised at what I found in the small downtown area of Riverside. You don't always put together a 1 year old photo session with "urban" but I loved the results and hopefully Brody's family does too! Mama is expecting baby #2 in December...don't you just hate her? Just had a baby 1 year ago, is pregnant and she looks AMAZING!

Little Brody is a man after my heart. We acted goofy, we played peek-a-boo, we had a grasshopper puppet...and he would look at me with those big baby blues and smile so slowly, so coy. One of those genuine smiles that must be earned. One year old and already a lady's man.

I loved so many of the photos I just had to share more than usual :)