Baby M is barely a baby anymore! | Sacramento & Inland Empire Photographer

This December marked the 4th time in 2010 that I had the pleasure of photographing little M and his family. They came to be as strangers in February when M was just a few days old. I have photographed him as newborn, as a 4 month old, a 7 month old, and now as a rambunctious, crawling 10 month old! I had made a trip back to Sacramento and on the day of our session, the weather was not so hot. Things cleared up, so we went and did a few photos at the park across the street from their home. Not 3 minutes after we got back inside, it started hailing. So, needless to say, the rest of the shoot was indoors. There is something I love about photographing children in their own home...they are in their element and everything feels so at ease and natural. I really love this family - they are good, kind people...and they like photography, so bonus!