The Gem State | A Family Vacation up North

....Huh? The Gem State? Idaho!

Will, Reid and I visited Coeur d'Alene, Idaho a couple of weeks ago to see my in-laws. Idaho is beautiful. For a week. Then I was ready to come back to the 80 degree Southern California spring. I didn't get nearly as many photos as I would have liked because honestly, the cold weather scared me off. haha. I'm such a wimp.

My in-law's dog, Rudy, is old and sick so I wanted to take him outside and get a few photos so that someday when he's gone they have something nice to look back upon. Isn't he a sweetheart?

They also have a brand new 4 month old chocolate lab puppy. My father in law mentioned that I should take photos of her, but uhm...that sounded rather difficult because she is a rambunctious young puppy. I figure that I'll have plenty of time to take photos of her once she gets a tad older and calms down ;)

I did get a quick snap of their sheep that would make me jump every time I walked outside because they neigh so loudly. Neigh? Is that what you call the sound that they make? Baaa?

My in-laws have a full room deticated to music. Reid was in love. Hopefully he gets some musical ability from his daddy's side of the family because he's certainly not getting any from me.

I was also able to do a quick little shoot with my gorgeous 16 year old sister-in-law, Shelby. All of these were shot on their property or right off of the road. Nice, right??

This is NOT one of their dogs. In fact, he was barking at us from the road but then after we sweet-talked him he came over and showed his true colors - a friendly old boy! He squirted his way into a photo.

I grabbed Ian (who's 13) for a quick shot. This kid has major musical skills. While we were visiting we got to see him sing a solo during his choir show and he also played Aerosmith's Dream On on the piano - played and sang, which is basically taught himself by ear. Impressive.