This is my life | Mom. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Photographer.

Some of you may know that my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer last month. It was a huge shock to our family. My dad is 58 and more full of life than any other person that I know. He still single handedly runs a landscape company, he works out nearly every day, and loves to ride his Harley. However, what he loves more than anything is his family. My dad is everything to me...he is my protector, my advocate, and someone whom I truly can't imagine my life without. I know that someday we all have to lose our parents, but this is too soon. My dad is going to fight (and has already been fighting) but the prognosis is not good. Cancer is an ass hole and cancer is never, ever fair. I looked around my home and realized that while I have beautiful portraits taken by other photographers hanging on my walls, I'm missing a lot of what truly makes me happy - the small things. So, I decided to start a little project, a project to print any and all photos that mean something to me, and obviously, those things are my family and close friends. I'm missing a few (I realize that I don't have many photos at all of my in-laws or my brother) but the great thing is that I can keep adding. When I look at these photos, I realize how full and complete my life is. I am the mother of a beautiful, wonderful little boy. I am the wife of an amazing, inspiring man. I am the daughter of courageous, loving and selfless parents. I am the step-daughter of amazing people who have chosen to accept me as part of their family just as I have chosen them to be a part of mine. I am the sister of inspiring and strong siblings. I am the friend of funny, spirit-lifting individuals.

So, I wanted to share the start of my photos with you. I'll also show you the final product if it turns out half-decent.

My other half and I on 4th of July 2010. A day by the pool with friends and you get a very rare "Bre with zero makeup" photo.

My beautiful older sister and I. I feel like we look like such "adults" here - when did that happen?

My step-dad, Doug. I don't know why this makes me smile. Maybe it's the baseball/golf combo?

My mom. My best friend. My other half. Christmas 2010.

My son will always know how much his grandpa loves him - whether he is here with us or not.

I can't help it. It makes me smile, therefor it made the crack- I mean CUT (sorry, Reid!)

Will and his siblings at Disneyland, 2010.

My mom, my son's biggest cheerleader...delivering the cake for his 2nd birthday, 2010.

My dad and step-mom, Rene. There is no faking that look. God, they love eachother so much.

My beautiful cousin, aka sister, Kailyn, who has overcome more obstacles than anyone I know and has grown into a wonderful young woman.

That face. Oh, that face.

Blackmail. It had to be done. My niece and son just last month.

Ice cream kisses with grandpa. This was right before my dad's diagnosis and he was very sick while he was visiting, but never too sick to share a bowl of ice cream with his only grandson.

I included this one because I think I look pretty in this photo, and I think it's important to have something like that to look back on, you know?

My princess niece on her 1st birthday. This girl has the best smile. Ever.

Reid's first ice cream cone. BRAAAAIN FREEZE!

The most important job of my life- being his mommy.

How lucky are we to have Ganner? Ganner is my husband's grandmother and Reid's great-grandmother. Coming from someone who no longer even has grandparents, she is so special to me.

Just another day at the park.

Moments like these can't be staged. Disneyland 2010.

Every kid needs to do this once. Or 20 times.

Melissa, Michelle (+ baby Welyn!) and I - my girlfriends. My buddies.Women who have shown me what true friendship is.

Thanks to my dad's good taste, these two women will forever be a part of my life. They prove that family isn't always born to you.

This winter by brother in law taught Reid how to play the drums. He's hooked.

A typical day in the Thurston household. Will had just recorded Reid playing ball on his iPhone and Reid, ever the narcisist, wanted to see.

The best friends that anyone could ask for. Our best man and maid of honor. The friends you feel most comfortable with.