A little announcement regarding Northern California Weddings

I just wanted to make a little announcement that for all weddings taking place in 2012 and beyond in Northern California will be subject to a $250 travel fee to cover my flight and rental car. I haaaate to do this and was hoping to avoid it, but I'm realizing that the travel isn't quite as easy as I thought it would be and I'm one tired little photographer! In order to save money, I decided to drive up for all of my May/June weddings this year, something that I am now regretting, haha. Too bad for me plane tickets are outrageous since I waited so I'm forced to stick to my initial decision. I actually had to pull over and sleep on both legs of my trip this weekend - no fun and not really the safest! As far as portraits in Northern California, I will be allocating certain days to fit sessions in. If you are hoping to book a session and you live in the Greater Sacramento area, inquire about dates where I will be in town :) Those sessions will not require a travel fee since they will be during times where I will already be in town. If you need me on a different date, you are welcome to pay my little travel fee and I'm all yours ;)

I realize that a lot of people have been confused about where I live and work. Well, I live in Southern California and while a decent amount of my work is down here, a decent part is also in Northern California since that's where I lived until July of last year. We are living in Southern California while my husband goes to school (he's a from UC Riverside next Spring).

Thank you so much for your understanding. I love love love Nor Cal but not the drive!

I took this out the window...gorgeous for a session...too bad it's in the middle of no where. haha.