The 1000 Facebook Fan Giveaway!

Okay, that sounded like I was giving away 1000 of something. I'm not, but this giveaway should still be pretty cool. I've been thinking of what to do when I hit 1000 fans for a long time. It's hard because not all of my "fans" are local, so it's not as easy as giving away a free session, etc. Well, without further ado, here is what I came up with. I hope you like :)

1) One Free Local Session (Southern California) You'll receive a 1 hour on-location session and a CD of 35-40 images with print release. No newborn sessions please :) $350 Value

2) One Lifetime Membership to Clickinmoms - a great site for anyone interested in photography or who wants to learn! This is an amazing $195 value!!

3) One week of online mentoring - if you own a $2000 DSLR or a $100 point and shoot, it doesn't matter. If you shoot in manual, great, but if not I can help you make the most of the skills that you do have. I don't claim to be a know-it-all, but I will share what I know with you to help you improve taking photos of your family, kids, whatever. I'll customize the mentoring to your skill level. You can ask me anything you want, you will send me images, I will give you feedback, etc. It will be fun! Value: Priceless. No, really...I don't sell this and won't be any time soon, so it's priceless :)

4) One in-person (local, So Cal) mentoring session - for 3 people! We'll make a fun day of it, just go out and shoot, talk, and like I said above, I'll work with you no matter your skill level. For this one, it's best if you own a DSLR and are somewhat familiar with the concepts of shooting in manual. I'll be meeting with all 3 of you at the same time, as a group. I'd imagine that we'd hang out for 2-4 hours, play it by ear :) Value: Priceless. No, really...I don't sell this and won't be any time soon, so it's priceless :)

Okay, so how do you claim one of these prizes? I'm going to post an update on my Facebook page and all you need to do is reply to that post and tell me which prize you would like to be put in the drawing for. I'll leave it open for a few days and then close it off, finally making my random drawing and then announcing the winners :) I'll update Facebook with an exact date/time for the winners to be announced.

Yay!! Thank you again everyone for your continued support. I remember when I started my Facebook fan page (I think it was a year and a half ago?) I was afraid to put it live because I was worried that no one would like me. I never dreamed that I would hit 1000 fans. Very cool! Cheers - and here's to another 1000 in my future! ;)