The Carrett Family | Sacramento Family Photographer

This is my 3rd time photographing this family - the first time when Summer was just 1 year old, the next time when Ashton was born, and now the whole fam! They traveled from San Francisco to Folsom for a session with me. Is it funny that it always totally flatters me when people drive 2 hours for their photos? It does :) haha. These ages, especially together, can be tricky and I think poor Tam was worried that she drove all of that way for nothing. Lucky for them, their kiddos are adorable even if they are just walking around, so of course the photos turned out better than she expected. Right, Tam?! haha.

Ashton looks a little distraught, but I think it's adorable. Ahhhh, can you feel the sibling love?

They are Austrailian so I found it quite humerous that Tam dressed Ashton in an American flag shirt :)