Letters To Our Sons - January 2013

It's time for another installment of a personal project that I'm participating in with a handful of other photographers who are mothers to sons. Enjoy! Dear Reid,

Thank you for being an adventurer and adapter. You probably don't realize it, but you've lived in 6 different places since you've been born. Mommy and Daddy thought we had our life together when you were born, but things happen and parents sometimes realize that they can do better. You happily spent the night with Grandma when we downsized our home when you were 9 months old. You braved 16 hour round-trip drives from Sacramento to Riverside while we were house hunting when Daddy decided that he should go back to school. You looked forward to plane rides when Daddy got his internship at Amazon and we headed to Seattle for the summer. You referred to our two different corporate apartments as "The old house" and "The new house" and I know that you preferred the first one because you had a TV in your bedroom! Now that we have settled in Seattle I realize just how flexible you are. You happily embrace every change that we throw your way and while I do not want your childhood to be constantly uprooted, I hope that you are learning to love adventure. I hope that you remember the beauty of the California countryside on our many, many trips down I-5 between Northern and Southern California. I hope you do not develop my fear of flying and continue to fall asleep on airplanes even while they are taking off. I hope that someday you can appreciate all of your Daddy's hard work and and the sometimes scary decisions that we had to make in order to create the best possible life for our family. I do not ever want you to fear change. You are an amazing little boy and I thank you for being a constant trooper and our favorite travel buddy.

I love you, little man!

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