Letters to Our Sons - May 2013

Dear Reid, We are in the final stretch of you being an only child. Just a handful of precious weeks left until you're finally a big brother. From day one you have been excited to welcome a new baby into our home. You kiss my belly goodbye and goodnight, you love resting your hand on it to feel your sister move and your eyes light up when she does, you are very opinionated on what her name should be, and you say to me, "Can I talk to your baby?". You have asked all of the hilariously awesome questions that one could come to expect from a 4 1/2 year old like, "How did the baby get in your belly?" "Where does the baby's milk come from?" "How does the baby come out?" Your daddy and I have responded with nothing but sheer delight and many giggles as you struggle to wrap your mind around such adult concepts. You have agreed to help change diapers, but "not poop diapers". You have agreed to share your room with your little sister when that time comes. You have agreed to be mommy's big helper when she is running out of energy after many sleepless nights. I am so, so excited to welcome a new baby in our lives and just as excited to see you blossom into a mature big brother. You may no longer my baby in the practical sense, but you will always be my baby.

Love, Mom

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