My very own maternity photos!

If you didn't know already, surprise, I'm pregnant! 36 weeks pregnant to be exact :) We are expecting a baby girl towards the end of July and could not be more excited. I have been staying busy with work but will be taking a bit of time off starting next week through late August, ramping back up on Sept 1st for all of my fall weddings and sessions. I'm looking forward to enjoying the beautiful summer in Seattle toting around my newborn baby girl (and Reid too of course!) I wasn't big into photography 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Reid but even back then I had a blast having maternity photos done and still cherish them to this day. Pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant this go-around I talked to my two good friends Chloe (Chloe's Photography) and Anita (Anita Martin Photography) about doing my maternity photos. Chloe is local and Anita flew in from Sacramento for a week long visit. Go figure that the day we planned my session is was POURING rain. Not the typical light sprinkle/clouds/sunbreaks that Seattle is known for...full on rain. All day. No, I take that back, all WEEK. I knew that I wanted a portion of the session done inside my home so that wasn't a problem of course but we had to get creative for any outdoor photos. The result was a truly unique maternity session. I am so in love with the way they captured me and my big 'ol 32 week pregnant belly. I had another mini session done last week with another one of my photography friends Elena Blair Photography so that we could get a few shots with Will and Reid :)

Chloe's photos

Anita's images (she didn't have a way to shoot in the rain and it was raining so hard that it could have ruined her camera!)