February 2014 - A personal post

It's been a while since I've shared photos of Reid and Sloane. I used to try to mix a few personal posts in with client posts here on my blog because I felt it was important that my clients know me as a person and not just me as a photographer. Over the course of two very busy years, those personal posts have tapered off. Honestly, it's because the personal photos themselves have tapered off. I adore my job and feel so lucky to use my camera as a means to provide for myself and for my family. My business means the world to me and I never question the path that I'm on. However, like most people doing a job I can sometimes burn out. 6 out of 7 days I look at my camera and equate it to "work". I have two beautiful children at home with me almost every day and yet most of my photos of them have been snapped on an iPhone and documented on Instagram. That's okay. I have made sure to print my Instagram photos in simple photo books for the past two years. But I miss the good photos. The photos that require me to pick up the heavy camera, check the memory card, charge the battery, upload to a hard drive, and open in Photoshop. Some days I have to force myself to take those photos and some days I really, really want to. Regardless, I am happy with the result. I can zoom in and see Sloane's beautiful blue eyes. I can count Reid's long, gorgeous eyelashes. I can print these photos as large as my wall space will allow if I so choose. I'm thankful that I have a bit of down time for the next couple of months before my busy wedding season starts because it allows me to fall back in love with personal photos. I will share a few :)