The Huffington Post...wants ME?!

A few weeks ago I got an email from The Huffington Post asking if I would be interested in being one of their contributing bloggers. They had checked out my site (yes, this little one) and thought I might be able to contribute. Me? The girl who has no formal writing training? Who has never considered herself a writer? Blog for THE HUFFINGTON POST?! I didn't give them an answer right away, instead I started to brainstorm what exactly I would post about. They gave me full reign to wring on whatever I wanted so starting from somewhere so vague was a challenge. I decided to start simple since one of their tokens of advice was not too wordy and lots of photos. Well, isn't that what I'm best at? I'm guilty of writing too much - my emails are usually too long, my texts go into too much detail, and I'm horrible at sticking to word counts. I forced myself to keep it short and sweet so that my message could be simple. Low and behold, once the article (I use that word lightly, since when is an "article" two paragraphs long?) was published on HuffPost Weddings, they also shared it on the MAIN FREAKING FRONT PAGE OF THE HUFFINGTON POST. My little blurb about laughing and true beauty on a your wedding day was next to real, important, international news. I have a byline. I have a cute black and white headshot. They shared my article on Facebook where they have 4.7 million followers. Seriously. Pinch me. Can you tell that I'm just a little bit excited and so very honored? :)

Here it is!