The McFarlanes | Seattle Family Photographer

If any of these faces look familiar it's because this was my 4th session with them! First I photographed Mary's family, then Katie's family, then Molly's wedding. After this extended family shoot I shot another session for 4 year old Eloise. I met the McFarlanes through my sister - she grew up going to church and youth group with them. They are a group of kind, fun, and good people. Jeff and Laurie sure have a lot to be proud of between their 4 wonderful children and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I always joke with them that they make me want 4 kids ;) But then my desire to sleep kicks in and I decide I'm happy with just my two. haha. We thought we might have to move the session indoors because of the ominous weather, but it held out and everyone had fun at Edmonds Beach. At the end of the session they skipped (threw?!) rocks, played, and the kids, well, did what kids do when they are forced to skip naps ;)