Two Photographers, the Same Passion

I had the wonderful opportunity to hear my good friend and retreat co-host Elena Blair speak at Click Away this past Thursday. Elena and I have been good friends for 3 years, but this was my first time hearing her talk in front of an audience. Earlier that morning, she picked up the card that I was passing out to my students and we realized that without knowing it, we were teaching almost the exact same philosophy. We never once talked about your presentations beforehand but the similarities were striking. While she primarily identifies herself as a family photographer, I identify myself as a wedding photographer who also loves shooting families. My class was on couple's photography, hers was on family photography.

After the conference we pulled our favorite quote from the other person. Different words, but my goodness, how similar the philosophy...

We are more excited than ever to host our intimate retreat in Malibu this February 4-6th. We have just one space left. Sign up and place your deposit if you want to join me, Elena, and 7 other women for the Blair + Thurston Retreat. We will be pampered at the beautiful beach house with a personal chef, talk about love, life, and photography, and shoot together. Add in full portfolio critiques, headshots, editing demos, and business mentoring and it should make for an amazing couple of days.
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