I never thought I'd want a studio...until I moved to Seattle, and until I saw this space. I don't care for background stands, studio lights, or the stiff confined nature of most studio work (there are many exceptions, but generally speaking). Shortly after I moved to Seattle I met a great bunch of photographers, a couple of whom had a gorgeous urban natural light studio in downtown Seattle. From the moment I stepped in the door I knew that no other studio would compare. I swooned over the massive original windows, the gorgeous light that streamed in even on the stormiest of days, the industrial look of the piping and open ceiling, the white painted floors, and the vast open space where you have room to move around. When Jennifer Tai asked me if I was interested in coming in on the lease it was a big fat YES. I had joked with them that if someone ever left I wanted in, but instead they offered to add me to the lease as a 4th person. I know how particular they have been over the years so not only was I excited for the opportunity but I was also honored that they trusted me with something so big and special. The studio is located in the Bemis Building just 2 blocks from Safeco Field in downtown Seattle and just 10 minutes from my house. I am so, so excited for the opportunities that it will allow me- more boudoir, no more rained out sessions, client meetings in my own space vs. a crowded coffeehouse, etc.

My first session in the studio is not what I normally shoot. I rarely if ever shoot children alone, but when Katie asked me if I wanted to shoot photos for Eliose's 4th birthday I had to say yes. Eloise is the sweetest girl and I've been photographing their family since she was 2. In fact, you will recognize her from the session I blogged yesterday! She was a great little model and the perfect way to kick off the new studio :)

First here are a few photos of the space. From my iPhone. I know, I know...bad photographer but I liked the instant gratification as I texted them to my mom and husband. haha