The Morris Family | Issaquah Family Photographer

As some of you may know, I've spent the summer living in Seattle while my husband had an internship at Amazon. Well, the highlight has been getting to see my sister, niece, and nephew on nearly a daily basis. My niece is a little over 2 years old and my nephew is 3 months old. Over lunch today my sister and I were talking about how amazing it is to be an aunt. Before this summer, I had only seen my niece a handful of times. I loved her, but I didn't really "know" her. Now that I've spent countless hours with both my niece and my sweet baby nephew, something special has happened. I feel a kind of love for them that I can't possibly describe. Well, before the summer ends we knew that we had to get a family session in for my sister. We went to a field behind their house and spend just 30 minutes. You know, we didn't want to wear out Tim (my brother in law) haha. The kids were perfect angels! Kaydriana is a doll, always full of personality and smiles. Oh, and those cheeks! Lake is quite possibly the most mild mannered baby I have ever known. My heart explodes when he smiles and coos - his new favorite tricks!

I love you sis, and I hope you guys like the photos!