Tatum & Drake | Sacramento & Inland Empire Children's Photographer

It was just a couple of months ago that I took photos of baby Drake while he was still in his mama's belly (Sommer's Maternity Photos). Okay, that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean. Now he's here! Tatum is a wonderful older sister and was a gem for the camera (during the maternity photos she was quite camera shy....exactly the opposite this time!) Jeff & Sommer - congrats on your new addition! What a perfect little family!

This one made me laugh out loud when I saw it. Bored, much? haha. I can assure you that this photo session was far from boring which is why I think this one is so cute :)

Beautiful 10 week old twin boys! | ...and family portraits!

These sweet little guys were a DREAM to work with! I just love watching twins and observing how similar yet different they are. Their parents aren't sure yet if they are idential, but let me tell you, as I was editing I most certainly could not tell them apart. haha. For this session, I had my friend and fellow photographer assisting (Bree....confusing, right? Two Bre/es?) - 10 week olds are a difficult age to shoot because they aren't all curled up and sleepy like newborns, but they aren't able to hold their heads up very well or sit. None the less, the boys were super easy going and we got some great images!

Baby Kaydriana | Newborn & Lifestyle Photography

Meet my gorgeous 3 week old niece, Kaydriana! Photographers normally aim to photograph newborns within the first 10 days but since I had to fly to Seattle, we had to do 3 weeks...and let me tell ya, this girl wanted to stay wide awake for her photos! I had a difficult time posing her so I decided to move the family part of the session to their master bedroom. It helped that my sister and her husband have a gorgeous bed with a fluffy white comforter and huge windows. If only every home looked like this - it would make my job so easy!

I'm so in love with this little girl and had the privelige of watching her for almost 4 hours while my sister got her hair done- only the 2nd time my sister had been away from her and by far the longest and furthest away!

I'm sad that the next time I get to see her she will probably be crawling. I sure wish we lived closer!

If you have a room in your house with ample light (usually large windows or a sliding glass doors) and can un-clutter, don't hesitate to ask for a Lifestyle session - your house can be the most beautiful and natural place to photograph your family!