3 Minutes in the Park with Cambria

I have been in Riverside for nearly 3 weeks now, and while still very busy, not actually shooting much. I've been behind the computer editing wedding photos, a couple of portrait sessions and designing albums. We really only know one family down here and bless their hearts, they've been doing a great job of entertaining us! So, when my photography itch got especially bad, I emailed my friend and asked to do a few photos of her 2 year old daughter, Cambria. We went to Irvine Park in Orange and Amy insisted that I bring my son (who, while adorable, is a hindrance to my photo taking. haha) I felt bad keeping Reid away from a zoo and park, so I brought him with me. It was a hot day, the kids were hungry and only interested in playing on the jungle gym. I managed to pull Cambria aside for a few moments and snagged these shots. I'm not kidding, I had her for maybe 3 minutes before it was back to the playground and we called it a day. I was pleasantly surprised with what I came up with in such a short time, and of course, major kudos to Cambria for being a willing subject! Talk about a successful "mini session"!