Marni & Andrew's Los Altos History Museum Wedding

This was my 3rd wedding this year at the lovely Los Altos History Museum. At the time that Marni and Andrew booked me, this was going to be my very first Jewish wedding. I talked a lot with Marni's mom about the details of the day and she lovingly explained the traditions. What struck me the most about Marni, Andrew, their traditions, and their wedding was that family is truly the most important part of a marriage ceremony. Each tradition focuses on the couple and those closest to them, having their parents, siblings, extended family, and honored friends surround them for the Tisch, Badekin, and Hamotzi. While some weddings feel a bit tense and chalked with nerves, this wedding day was jovial, happy, and full of love. A Jewish wedding is a true celebration and I hope that I get to photograph a lot more of them. Thank you Marni and Andrew for allowing me to witness such a beautiful day through the lens of my camera. Your wedding holds a special place in my heart.