Giving my husband a heart attack + KCRA 3 A-List

Sooo....I'm currently in 14th place in the Photography category for the KCRA A-List! I don't expect to win, but heck, if you wanted to vote and get me in the top 10 I would be THRILLED! They make you register (bah) but it's super simple and they won't spam you. Vote for me Vote for me Vote for me Vote for me!!!!!!

And, I just had to share this...I was talking to Will about my website last night. He said that he was looking at my "About Me" page a few days ago and about had a heart attacked. I guess on first glance he saw the arrow and the "Baby #2" and thought it was pointing at my stomach. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! haha. Poor guy. I am perfectly content with my camera being my 2nd baby...for now ;)

And, just because he's too cute not to share....the Baby #1 himself!