San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer | Ciara & Joseph

I didn't meed Ciara and Joseph until the day of their wedding. In fact, I had only corresponded with Joseph's mom, Susan. I have a lot of weddings where a parent will book but my interactions with Susan really struck a nerve in the best possible way. She explained to me, almost tearfully, how important photography was because Joseph is her only child and these photos will mean the world to their family. I immediately placed myself in her shoes imagining my son getting married someday. I couldn't help but watch her throughout the day- how she teared up as Ciara walked down the aisle, how she cried with Ciara as she recited her vows to Jospeh, Susan's only child, and how she beamed with joy every time her son beamed with joy. I thought to myself, "I hope he knows how lucky he is to have such a wonderful mother." - but I know he does, I could tell in the look on his face as he danced with her later in the afternoon.

Both Ciara and Joseph were full of love, up for anything, and fully focused on the most important aspect of their wedding day - their friends and family. Everyone ate delicious food, had amazing cupcakes, and danced.

Susan, thank you for finding me and allowing me to be a part of this special day.

Stacy & Brian's Tahoe National Forest Engagement Session

While we all live in the Bay Area, Stacy and Brian requested that we do their engagement session in the high Sierras, specifically at Sardine Lake in the Tahoe National Forest. For generations Brian's family has been coming here so it's infused with memories and tradition. Not only that, but Brian proposed to Stacy high atop a peak at this very place.

I brought my family along and we stayed in the cutest one room cabin with no cell service and no internet (we had to drive 90 miles out of the mountains for that). My kids are city kids through and through so this was quite the experience for them :) Stacy and Brian left a bottle of wine in our cabin along with a note welcoming us to their special slice of heaven.

For our session we jumped in a car with their adorable dog Cowboy and explored the area. We knew that we wanted to end our session on the lake in rowboats right as the sun crested behind the mountains. We frolicked in late summer meadows, splashed around in a stream, loosened up with a cocktail, and then went out on the lake. It was magical.

Tori & Zack's Edgewood Lake Tahoe Wedding

Some people just win the genetic lottery and Tori and Zack are two of those people. If they plan on having kids can you imagine the gorgeous brunette babies that they will make? All joking aside, I have to mention that not only are they good looking but they are also great people. It's a rare day that you meet a man as polite and as courteous as Zack and Tori gives you the real down to earth genuine hugs that I love so much. I had a blast working with them on their wedding day and getting to know their family and friends. A shout-out to my talented associate Anita Martin for shooting with me and providing so many wonderful images to their gallery. The Edgewood Tahoe is a stunning venue and it was a joy to be able to shoot there again. Lake Tahoe makes for a perfect, romantic back drop and the weather could not have been more perfect. A light breeze washed over the water and the sun dipped below the mountain giving us gorgeous light during their sunset portraits.

Lots of laughs. A few tears. Good people. Good times. Congratulations, you two!