Sweet Baby Charlie | Seattle family photographer

Okay, so I'm technically on maternity leave but when your good friend, due date buddy, and neighbor has her baby girl 2 weeks early sometimes you just have to "go back to work" for a morning :) Christy and I were both due on July 26th but Charlie decided to come last Friday leaving me and my big old belly in the dust. I'm extra anxious and bored waiting for my turn so I offered to do some newborn/family photos for my good friends. We joked that maybe it would put me into labor. I'll have to get back to you on that one but I think I still have a while. Ho hum. Brad and Christy are the parents to adorable 2 year old Brooke and sweet Charlie is their new baby girl. Isn't that the cutest name ever? She was born 6lbs 10oz but was down to just under 6lbs at her pediatrician appointment. She still has adorable chubby cheeks so she doesn't seem all that small to me. She also has PERFECT baby skin - glowing and soft! She was a happy camper nearly the entire time we took photos and big sis Brooke was amazing!