And the winner is... | The Unique Wedding Giveway!

I am so, so excited to show you the awesome wedding that I chose for my free wedding giveaway. I was looking for a wedding that was out of the box, unique, fun, spirited, and genuine. Well, I found that plus so much more.

I'd love to introduce to you, Laura and Edward!

Directly from her emailed entry:

An Old Broadway Wedding...

Since Ed and I are both theatrical performers, and we actually met while doing a show together in 1998, we have decided to get married ONSTAGE at the Rose Center Theater in Westminster, California. The Rose is a beautiful 400 seat theater, and it's a stage that Ed and I have shared together as well as performed on separately. The Managing Director of the Theater is actually a very good friend of ours, and he actually wrote the music to (and Directed) the show that we met in. If it weren't for him, we would have never met in the first place. The stage is where we feel at home, and it seemed that this was really the ONLY venue that made any sense to us. Most of our friends, and some of our family are also performers, but most of them have never been to a Theater Wedding. We really wanted to do something that people were going to remember, and was not going to blend in with every other wedding they've ever been to.


I will save the rest of the details for your viewing pleasure after their "most definitely going to be amazing" wedding on March 10th of next year. Every piece of Laura and Edwards wedding has a special feel and purpose- from the professional stage lights, to her handmade and designed wedding dress (which she showed me the plans for....OMG!), to their backgrounds on the stage and with dance. It will be party Broadway and part wedding....but ALL amazing :)

Congrats again Laura and Edward!!! I am so excited and honored to photograph your wedding!