Proud to Announce... | Behind the Scenes Photography Video!

I was honored and humbled when Clickin Moms asked me to be their April Pro of the Month. Clickin Moms is a large photography community with over 10,000 members, 70,000 Facebook fans, 2 million posts on their forums, and 350 photography tutorials. So, as you can imagine, I was trilled! Part of being the Pro of the Month is hosting what they call a "Breakout Session" - it's eLearning where you have the opportunity to teach and share what you know with the entire photography community, not just members of Clickin Moms.

Capturing Couples & Beyond - $25

I wanted to focus on what I love the most, and that is photographing couples. However, everything contained in the bundle is useful for shooting families, children, seniors, weddings, and even boudoir. It's not just all about couples. I use image examples of family sessions and discuss how to apply all of it to other types of clients.

In my Breakout Session, I include a 33 page PDF discussing how to choose great locations for your shoots, how to get a variety in your posing, how to coax out genuine expressions, and how to create relaxed images that truly represent both you and your clients. There are 32 image examples in the PDF complete with exif data (camera settings)

The part I'm most excited about is the 18 minute behind the scenes video of me shooting a couple in a small, somewhat dark location. You'll get to see how I direct them, pose them, refine the poses, coax out expressions, and I even tell you my settings while I'm shooting. You'll also see my final edited images pop up on the screen during the video so you can see the final result.

Last but certainly not least, I also include two posing guide apps (for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) courtesy of Sticky Albums! There is also a code for 10% off if you'd like to sign up for Sticky Albums, which I'd definitely recommend.

Here is a quick little promo video that my friend Kimmie Jarrett did for me!


I think there is a lot of great information in my Breakout Session and I hope you check it out! I'd love your feedback as well, so if you've purchased it it, feel free to send reviews to Thanks!