The Best Wedding Photos of 2017 | Featured in The Huffington Post!

I am so excited to have a photo featured in this piece by The Huffington Post! Immediately after Lydia and Cade's emotional ceremony (emotional for a handful of reasons, including her little brother fainting at the alter...quite the scare!) the couple went off to a private room for a few minutes alone. Everyone was ushered away by the coordinator, including me, but I saw something beautiful and knew I had to quickly and quietly capture it for them. Using a long lens I got this photo and it's one of my absolute favorites. This photo was not posed in any way, it's just the way they were in their private moment. There is nothing that I love more as a wedding photographer.

The Best Wedding Photos of 2017 on The Huffington Post
(Mine is photo #8)

"The very best wedding photos pull you in. It could be because of the emotion they portray, an awe-inspiring backdrop, a perfectly timed moment or how beautifully they capture the couple’s connection.

With 2017 coming to a close, we reached out to our network of wedding photographers and scanned social media to find some of the most compelling images of the year. Here are 32 pictures that made an impression."

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