Tyler and Elyzza | Senior Portraits in Folsom

Okay, how cool is this... I met CJ when we were just 9 year old and kiddos at the same daycare (Country Acres in Carmichael, whoot!) Although we went to different elementary, middle and high schools we have stayed in touch over the years, first through AIM, then Myspace, then Facebook. I hadn't actually seen her in person in 11 years since we were freshman in high school. CJ has always been a sweet, wonderful friend...quite the amazing friend considering our mostly cyberspace relationship. When I got an email from CJ's mom asking me to do her youngest son's senior portraits I was really touched. Apparently CJ, in her typical sweet and generous fashion, shared my photography with her family. I remember her younger brother, Tyler, as an adorable toddler, just 2 or 3 years old! When I saw him in person, well, it made me feel old! :D  Tyler's girlfriend of 2.5 years, Elyzza, also needed her senior portraits done so it really was a two- no, THREE in one session! Tyler's mom requested that his older sister, CJ, be in some of the photos. I don't question why. Tyler and CJ are very close and as a new mom it really made my heart sing to watch their relationships now that they are both adults(ish!) THANK YOU - Thank you to CJ for sharing my work, thank you to Edy for hiring me for your children's photos, thank you to Tyler and Elyzza for being really awesome and gorgeous in front of the camera, and than you to technology for keeping us all in touch!