Kristine & Joe's Tiber Canyon Ranch Wedding | San Luis Obispo

Have you ever been to San Luis Obispo, California? I never had until Kristine and Joe's wedding at the Tiber Canyon Ranch. The pacific ocean, oak trees, rolling hills, vineyards, olive's a slice of heaven. I don't know if there is any town that better represents "California" than San Luis Obispo. As with many of my other brides, I went to high school with Kristine. She has always been a beautiful girl but on her wedding day I got to see her as a beautiful woman. Kristine and Joe met at Columbia Law School and now live in San Francisco. Kristine's matron of honor is another friend of mine - Taylor and Kristine have been joined at the hip the entire time I've known them and I marvel at the beauty of feminine friendship. A beautiful day, beautiful people, and a beautiful location....I'll let the photos say the rest.