Letters to Our Sons - Month 1

I am so happy to be a part of a very special project. Along with a few other talented photographers who also happen to be mothers of boys, we are doing a project called "Letters to Our Sons". Every month we will share a letter and some photos simply to honor our boys. We will write from our hearts and share images that make us smile. If you the mother of a son, I hope you read this and think of your own little boy (whether he is a newborn or a grown man). ______________________

My Dearest Reid,

1464. That's how many days you've been in my life. 1464 days of adventure, joy, love, and sometimes even uncertainty. A little boy....a little boy? Before I had you, I just couldn't imagine it. I had barely held a baby, let alone raised one myself. I had no idea what I was doing. I hadn't the slightest clue how to be your mother. The day you came into this world, angry and red, it just clicked. How do I be the mother of a boy? I love you, as simple as that. I promise to cherish you and to respect you, because that is what you deserve. You came into this world the purest of creatures, full of such innocence and simplicity. It became my job to protect you and raise you to be a man that your father and I could be proud of, and hopefully the rest of the world as well.

Did you know that every night after you go to sleep, I sneak into your room just to look at you? Did you know that every single night, no matter how often I do it, my heart still skips a beat? I have watched you grow from a tiny 7lb 13oz baby to a leggy toddler who's feet will soon be larger than mine. Life is miraculous, and you are my own personal miracle. I don't think a person can comprehend that until they raise a child of their own. The little things like the freckles on your face, the hair on your legs, and the dirt on your knees....well, they are beautiful to me. They show me that you are no longer a baby but instead a growing, active boy. I can't wait until you start grade school, go to college, fall in love, and have children of your own, but at the same time I don't correct you when you say "Cractice" instead of "Practice" and it makes me sad that you say "I love you" instead of "I lull lee" (like you said when you were small). I want to freeze time and fast forward all at once.

You are a boy. A beautiful, smart, wonderful, empathetic boy. Being your mother has been the greatest gift of my life. I am proud of myself because if you are any indication of the type of mother I am, I must be doing it right. We are all given jobs in this life, but being a parent is by far the greatest. So, my sweet boy, thank you for giving me the gift of motherhood. I was barely 23 years old when you were born and in these short 4 years you have taught me endless lessons of patience, compassion, love, and hope.

I love you, Reid. Someday, when you hold your own child in your arms you will understand. Until then, let's keep walking together through this life. Mother and son. Friends. Comrades. Buddies. Pals. I promise you endless ice cream cones and Matchbox cars if you promise to never stop hugging me and telling me that you love me, okay? :)

Lisa Tichane of Tout Petit Pixel is a wonderful, talented photographer (and also the mother of a son, of course!) who lives in France. I encourage you to follow the link to her blog and read her special letter (in either English or French!) From her post, you can keep clicking and read all of the letters in our circle. I promise you that you're in for a treat. Lisa Tichane | Letters to Our Sons