Kira & Jordan | Sacramento Engagement Photographer

I've known Kira since she was a 9 year old tomboy. And when I say tomboy, I mean that gorgeous tall blonde girl who is athletic, cool, and you know will grow up to be a stunning woman (which she obviously is). Kira and I met in elementary school and she is the 3rd of our friend Amanda's bridesmaids to have me do their engagement photos (Hello Jessica and Kelly!) I should have known better than to book an outdoor session on Memorial weekend in Sacramento. It ALWAYS rains. Always. Kira and Jordan's session was no exception. We had been texting all day and were trying to decide if we should reschedule. Kira wasn't feeling well (a cold) and I hated to drag them out into the rain, but they were leaving the country for 3 weeks in just a few days and I wouldn't be back in Sacramento again until late July. So, we decided to give it a try. We met at the convention center and even the Starbucks was closed. The day was not starting out well. We decided to go outside and give things a try in the rain and with an umbrella. I got some cute shots, but overall just wasn't feeling it. So, we said "screw it!" and headed to a wine bar to get a glass and see if I could take some shots there. Cute idea, huh? Well, right around that time it stopped raining. The weather gods love us! We then noticed that one of Kira and Jordan's favorite hang out spots, Mix Downtown was just down the street. It was shortly after 6pm on a Sunday so we figured they might be slow enough to let us shoot inside. Sure enough, they were. Huge thanks to them for granting us permission because I was in HEAVEN! What a cool place for engagement photos, right? By this time, it was flat out sunny outside so we walked back towards the car and finished the session with a real bang - champagne. Kira had mentioned this idea to me and I was stoked to try it out. I'm not quite sure it was legal to open a bottle of champagne in the middle of downtown Sacramento, but what can you do?

So, a session that barely happenend turned out to be one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. The rain had nothing on us.