Kara & Patrick's Los Altos History Museum Wedding

Kara and Patrick's wedding at the beautiful Los Altos History Museum was my first of four at this venue this year! I love flying into San Jose and I love Los Altos. In many ways, this part of California still feels like home to me. Every time I am hired to shoot a wedding here I get so, so excited. What do I love about the Los Altos History Museum as a wedding photographer? The way the light falls during the reception, the lush gardens, the orchard in the back of the property, the fact that you can have your entire reception outdoors, the ability to openly wander the property without restrictions, and the amazing way that it's run. They make sure that their couples have the perfect wedding experience and as a photographer, that makes me so very happy. I love Kara and Patrick. They are sweet, funny, easy-going, and their love for each other is made clear in every interaction that they have. Their wedding was a joy to photograph. I loved the way their parents cried, Patrick's jokes, Kara's awesome bridesmaids, and their super fun friends and family.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day!

Lisa & Neil's Los Altos History Museum Wedding

Summer in the Bay Area is gorgeous - hot days, warm summer evenings, and beautiful golden light. I love everything about it. Lisa and Neil got married at the Los Altos History Museum tucked back into the quaint residential neighborhood of Los Altos. As their guests walked into the venue, they were told to grab a rally towel. Lisa and Neil are huge San Jose Sharks fans (hockey, for you non sporty types). If the guests wanted them to kiss during the reception, instead of clinking classes, they were supposed to rally. What an awesome personal touch for their big day! I knew that Lisa was beautiful after we met for their engagement session, but she exuded classic, timeless beauty on her wedding day. They will make beautiful babies. Okay, yes, I really did just say that. haha.

Weddings like this make me wish that I was a videographer as well as a photographer. Why? As Lisa and Neil took the floor for their first dance, a song started playing that I assumed was a professionally recorded track from some famous artist. It was beautiful. As I was taking photos, the circle of people who gathered around them started saying, "This is Lisa!" Huh?? That was Lisa singing on the track? Yes! Holy moly, that girl is TALENTED. Again, an amazing personal touch!

I had an amazing, fun day with this group of people. Their parents, Lisa and Neil's beautiful sisters, their friends...they are so lucky to be surrounded by a great group of people.

Lisa's sister and matron of honor (hey Bree!) was so cute and animated! Everyone was talking about her funny, touching speech for the rest of the evening :)