Chloe & Danny's Vow Renewal | Seabrook, WA | Seattle Wedding Photographer

If you've been following me for a while then you've likely seen a lot of my good friend Chloe. We met 2 years ago in Vegas and have been buddies ever since. She was one of the few people I knew when we moved here to Seattle. I've photographed her family, her maternity photos, her birth, and now her vow renewal. You see, Chloe and Danny eloped when Chloe was just 20 years old. Danny is in the army and sometimes a couple is just ready to be together but doesn't quite have enough time or resources to plan a traditional wedding. In fact, they have just one photo from the day they were married. Seeing as how Chloe is a wedding photographer this is something that has always bothered her. She photographs beautiful wedding ceremonies for all of her couples but has never been able to experience it herself. They are the parents to two gorgeous girls, 5 year old Ella and 1 year old Lola. Together with their girls, they family, and some of their close friends they gathered at a beautiful cottage in Seabrook, WA to celebrate their marriage and renew the vows they took 5 years ago. I think that only a wedding photographer would plan a wedding on the coast of Washington in January. Why? Because Chloe can see the beauty in unique circumstances. Where others might see only the cold and rain Chloe saw romance. My heart caught in my throat as I drove to Seabrook and saw the power of the Pacific and how the wind whipped around the ocean and the trees. It was so beautiful. I knew that no matter how windy and rainy it was I had to get them outside to capture it. I'm also positive that only a wedding photographer like Chloe would be willing to brave these kind of elements. We piled in my car, drove a few miles down the road and directly onto the beach. In just her light dress she stepped out of the car to gale force winds (yes, literally). The wind was so powerful that it almost knocked us off of our feet and pulled my camera out of my hands. It was so powerful that during a particularly strong gust the wind physically moved the focal ring of my camera causing my images to go out of focus. There was no way we were walking anywhere. Chloe and Danny stood in one place and held onto each other for dear life. I'm not sure I could have taken a client out in these elements in good conscience. I knew the type of image that Chloe wanted and she was willing to take a risk to get it. And we got it. I have never experienced weather that powerful - it was a trip!

Back at the warm cottage in Seabrook Chloe got her hair and makeup done (again) and family and friends mingled around cooking, decorating, and preparing for the evening. Ella and Lola got a bath. Chloe comes from an artistic family. For example, they realized that they forgot to make a cake. What did Chloe's mom do? She whipped one up without batting an eyelash. While it was Chloe's vision, it was her family and friends who helped her execute it.

I could not be happier for my good friend. She got to be a bride and we got to witness her and Danny profess their vows. Their girls will finally have wedding photos of mommy and daddy.

Venue: Seabrook Cottage Rentals, Pacific Beach, WA - "The Washington House" Dress: For Her and Him Hair & Makeup: Kristal Locke Furniture and Decor Rentals: Vintage Ambiance - Antique and Vintage Rentals Florals: Paisley Petals