The Rupperts in Seattle | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

My final class/session at Click Away in Seattle was a second run of The Playful Portrait Session. Teaching others how to walk into a family session and make it not only stress free, but FUN, for the clients is one of my favorite things. We chat like friends, tell jokes with the kids, and overall just have a great time which results in beautifully fun, playful photos!

This family is super special to me - Brad actually used to be my husband's boss and was the one who got us to move to Seattle in 2012! In the 3 years that we were there we spent a ton of time together with our families, and Charlie, their youngest, was due the same day as my daughter Sloane! Christy and I were literally due date buddies which was fun since we literally lived down the street from one another :)

Kristy & Kaydriana in Seattle | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

I have one more session after this one to share from my time in Seattle earlier this month. If you recognize these two faces it's because they are my beautiful sister and niece! When I needed models for my class entitled "The Playful Portrait Session" at Click Away I knew that these two would be perfect for what I was trying to teach. We laughed, tickled, snuggled, made funny faces, had farting sound contests, and more. I adore these two girls and cannot wait to see them again in February when they come down to the Bay Area to visit :)

San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer | The Higa Family

I had such a wonderful time photographing the Higa family in San Francisco on a windy but beautiful evening!