The reviews are pouring in! | For the Love of Weddings on Amazon

When I wrote my book on starting a wedding photography business last year, I had no idea if anyone would actually buy it or read it. It was a bit of a passion project, where I felt the need to write down what I had learned in my early years of building my wedding photography business. I am frugal to a fault at times, so I haven't paid to promote my book at all, I simply rely on word of mouth and my existing social media. My purpose was never to make a huge profit from the book, in fact, I told my husband that I hoped to simply break even. Of course, turning a bit of a profit would be nice too ;) When I saw that people were starting to buy my book, and then leaving amazing 5 star reviews, I was giddy.

So, if you're interested in starting a wedding photography business or if you're an existing photographer who simply needs some tips or a kick in the butt to amp things up, check it out!

For the Love of Weddings: A Photographer's Guide to Starting a Wedding Photography Business

A few of my favorite review bits:

"This book literally answered every question I had in my head about getting started in wedding photography" - Elizabeth G.

"It lays out the process of booking and preparing for a wedding start to finish in an easy to comprehend manner." - Sarah S.

"It’s all here. Passion, experience, talent, business acumen. Nothing is missing." - Ann V.