Laura & Peter's Pre-Wedding Shoot

I will be photographing Laura & Peter's wedding this December, and before their big day, they were interested in doing an engagement session. Both Laura & Peter are blessed with beautiful children and Laura asked me if they could turn their engagement session into a bit of a family session. Of course! I loved the idea of including their families so that I could offer them not only romantic shots of them as a couple, but shots of their newly combined family. We headed out to the Folsom Powerhouse on the American River on a HOT Sunday morning. I was super early, as always (I'm one of those people who is usually so early that I end up sitting in the car for 20 minutes...) and was able to watch them up- in 3 different cars! It was the first time that I had met Peter, the kids, and Laura's mom. Everyone was so warm and kind that I was instantly at ease and knew that the shoot would be a breeze (I seriously did not intend for that to rhyme).

Like I said, it was a hot day, even at 10:30am. Sweat was dripping down the back of my tank top and we all kept having to pat our faces before the next shot. We had an awesome time and were able to capture every combination of this new family- mom & dad, mom with kids, dad with daughter, mom with mom, grandma with kids, and everyone together. When I met Laura, one of the first things I noticed was her gorgeous ice blue eyes against her dark hair. All 3 of her children obviously inherited her gorgeous yes, but in all different shades. When I met Laura's mom, I saw where it all began! Peter and his daughter held a special place in my heart because I am a total daddy's girl. There is nothing that I love more than a special relationship between a father and his daughter.

I cannot wait to see all of them again on Laura & Peter's big day!