Trojans High School Mountian Bike Team

I used to be an outdoorsy kinda girl. In a way, I still am, I just don't actually GO OUT that often. My Eagle Scout husband has never taken us fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, or bike riding (I feel duped, Boy Scouts of America!) On Sunday morning I had the opportunity to get outside and remember why I love the outdoors. William, if you're reading this, you really need to take us camping or something. I was asked to photograph the Trojans High School Mountian Bike Team by one of the coaches, Mark Ferry. Mark Ferry is a Realtor by day ('cause I run in those circles, remember?) and was referred to me by Brian Kellogg, pretty much the most awesome architectural/real estate photographers I know. He doesn't do people, I don't do works. It took weeks and weeks of planning to nail down a date and time for this shoot. It involved a lot of people and a semi decent day. Alas, Sunday was it. We spent nearly 3 hours under the beautiful sun at Folsom Lake. We did a group shot by the water, headshots of every member of the team, and then a lot of candid action shots. By the end of our shoot, it seriously ran through my head that I should pick up a mountain bike and ask to join them. Ah, but who am I kidding, I won't actually do that ;)

I am also including a few "behind the scenes" photos. Also at the shoot was Clayton Winter of Rising Sun Productions Videography. While I was taking care of the stills, he was capturing the day in motion. I am sooo excited to see his final product. His technique and willingness to let mud splatter on his $$$$$ cameras was dang impressive. You will also notice a pretty photo of a leaf. This "leaf" was poison oak that I noticed, oh, about 4" from my face while I was getting some action shots. I escaped un-harmed.

Headshots copy009






Lynn | Headshots

I met Lynn over 5 years ago when we were both newly licensed Realtors (yep, I got my RE License when I was to say I did, but never really used it). She still works with a few of my good friends and when she mentioned needing a new headshot for her business cards and marketing, they sent her my way! Isn't she gorgeous? She wasn't sure if she wanted color or black and white, so I gave her both.

Lynn (37)

Lynn (37)BW

No way, this can't be my kid, can it?!

My lovely son is notorious for being mommy's most difficult subject. I have tried countless times to plan an actual photo session for him but it just never works out- he won't look at me, he won't sit still, he cries...which explains why I only have candid photos of him hanging in my home. I'm still sad about the fact that I didn't get to do a smashcake session with him for his first birthday last September, but I knew better than to even try. Well, today was a lazy day around the house for Reid and I. Daddy was at work and I had a client coming in for a headshot at 1pm. I recently moved around my indoor studio and took Reid in to take a couple of test shots of him to make sure all was ready for my client. Reid was still in his pajamas (yes, at 12 noon) and I wasn't hoping for anything except the back of his head. Well, turns out that Reid decided to turn on the charm and ham it up! I seriously couldn't believe this was my kid...but I liked it! I love love love these photos and 1 of them is definitely getting blown up and hung on the wall!