Melissa, Patrick, and Ivy

I met Melissa on a photography forum and we discovered that we were just two hours away from each-other (she is from Reno). She, her husband, and her 14 month old daughter drove all the way to Old Folsom to meet for our photography swap- I did photos for her, and she did photos for me. Ah, the benefits of being a photographer, huh? :) We are so often behind the camera and then look back and realize that we aren't in any of our own family photos. Well, Melissa and I changed that this weekend! I have to tell you about my new favorite store in all of Folsom - Melange! It's an awesome shabby chic/antique store and basically every girl's dream. Frillyness and girlishness galore! I ended up talking to the owner about my photography business and she offered to let us shoot in their shop. I was bouncing off the walls at the opportunity! Fellow photographers would appreciate the plethora of chairs, fabrics, mirrors, chandeliers, dolls, and everything mini- ideal for child portraits! Special THANK YOU to Stacy and Terri for letting us "make ourselves at home"!