In FRONT of the camera?

I'll start off by saying that I am not one of those photographers who is uncomfortable in front of the camera. In fact, I quite like it! When I had the opportunity to do a photo trade with Melissa, a fellow photographer, I was stoked to finally have some quality photos done with me actually IN them! I have hundreds of photos of my son, my husband, and my son and husband this rate, Reid will wonder if I was even around! As much as I wish he would, my husband is not a fan of picking up the camera, even for snapshots. It's like pulling teeth, "Will, can you take a photo of us?" -insert loud sigh here- "Where is the camera?" -snap snap- "Okay, got it." (me looking at photos) "Uh...thanks, babe...." Here are a few from out session, and I just HAD to include a couple of the outtakes of Reid melting down. It was not all joy and puppy dog tails that day, but always, always worth it!

(Images courtesy of Melissa Thomas of West Ivy Studios based out of Reno, NV. THANK YOU!! We are pleased beyond belief!)



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