Liam & Reagan

If you're a mom or mom-to-be you may know what I'm talking about- MOMMY BOARDS. Yes, there are dozens of them online, places where moms can come together to discuss all things pregnancy, baby, and child related. It may sound silly if you've never ventured onto one, but I can't say enough about how many wonderful friends I've made from my special little board. I met Amanda online. How very 2009 of us, huh? Amanda has a beautiful daughter who is just 4 days younger than Reid and she and her husband just welcomed their second edition, a little guy named Liam. Liam was 8 days old when I photographed him and fresh out of a brief stay in the NICU. I was so sad that Amanda and her husband had to leave the hospital without their precious son and shed tears of relief when she texted me that he was coming home. I drove 3.5 hours to meet Amanda and do our shoot. Don't give me huge kudos just so happens that they live now 10 minutes from my dad and step-mom so I made a weekend of it (my first solo overnight trip with Reid, but that's for another post!) It was awesome to meet a woman whom I've "known" for over 2 years via our mommy boards. I was floored by how beautiful her kids were. Reagan, her 14 month old, has this awesome dark hair that normally hangs in front of her face because she refuses to wear clips to hold it back. When she looked up at me and I saw her ice blue eyes through her hair it took my breath away. She could seriously be a Gerber baby. Liam was fast asleep when I arrived and looked so SMALL! I have never photographed a new newborn and it has been 14 months since I've even seen one up close. He is a good sized boy so it was just me forgetting that my son too was once that tiny. Pretty awesome.

I set up my studio in their living room and off we went! Liam dozed off between bottles and snuggles and Reagan was fascinated by my camera (I wish Reid would take a lesson...) I had a few more poses and shots in mind but they required Liam to be in a zombie-like sleep state and he was more into quick 5 minute naps, so we did what we could. I am thrilled to say that Amanda loves her photos. Mission: Complete! Sleepy