Green Audio {band} | Beatnik Studios in Sacramento

Friday night was one of those nights where I really, really, really didn't want to go out. It was dumping rain and I was TIRED. I had a wedding to shoot the next day and wanted to spend my Friday evening curled up with a good book (*cough* currently reading Going Rouge *cough*), the fireplace, and a 10pm bedtime. That being said, I had already committed myself to spend my Friday night with my friend Melissa at her husband's band's show in Downtown Sacramento. Par for the course, I had a great night and was so glad that I forced myself out the door. I've seen Green Audio play several times and have even spent a weekend on a houseboat with most of them but this was my first time photographing them. It wasn't a real shoot, but you know me, I can't miss up on an opportunity to pick up my camera. I really wanted to snag some awesome shots for them but was handed lighting conditions that would make just about any photographer want to bang their head against a wall.  The venue, Beatnik Studios, is a photography gallery by day so the back of the stage was fully illuminated with lights focusing on the artwork. The front of the stage was super dark. BUT, I did my best and got a few fun results. Beatnik is an awesomely cool place. One of those places where you feel automatically cool simply by walking in the door. Green Audio rocked it, as they usually do, as did the other bands that were playing there that night. Score for a fun (not lame) Friday night! IMG_0127