Q: What is your favorite photo from your wedding?

There are two photos from my wedding day that are my hands-down, no if-ands-or-buts-about-it, to-die-for favorite. I'm not sure if our photographer purposefully placed the focus on the champagne glasses or if it just fell like that. She was probably a bit worried about the harsh back-lighting of the window behind us, and she was shooting on film. She caught a moment between a new husband and wife that summarizes in two frames what we were feeling for a whole day. I look a tad dorky, we look a bit awkward, but we look in love. She didn't pose us and we had no idea she was taking the photo.

Realizing exactly why I love these photos has single handedly crafted me into the wedding photographer that I am today.

Thank you to Allison Stahl for capturing this moment for us back on September 24th, 2005.