Fa la la la la - Our Holiday Adventures

Meh, okay, it's January 10th and to most of us the holidays are a distant memory...and yet, here I am, just now blogging about it!

This Christmas Reid was old enough to at least kind of understand what was going on. This year Santa came for the first time, Reid was able to rip into his own presents, and got excited over all of his new toys. I can honestly say that my heart about burst with happiness watching my son enjoy the holiday season.

On December 28th we left for Idaho to visit Will's parents and siblings. REID'S FIRST PLANE RIDE! He did wonderfully throughout the entire trip and even slept through the awful turbulence on the flight home. He also got to see snow for the first time and really couldn't have cared less. Our final "firsts" of the trip consisted of Reid's first haircut and my first time skiing...ever! We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the beauty of Northern Idaho.

Here are photos from the past few weeks - enjoy!00580041